As the world reacts to Clarkson’s vile rhetoric in The Sun about Meghan Markle, I have to question what sort of world we live in where freedom of speech is taken to these sorts of extremes, all in the name of entertainment.

As someone who vehemently doesn’t vote Tory, The Sun newspaper very rarely darkens my retinas but, on this occasion, I made an exception so that I could form my own judgement about what Clarkson had taken the time to a put fingers to keys about. Unsurprisingly, I discovered that the public media outcry was not only justified but sadly clearly deliberately incited.

Clarkson has always been known to be a controversial character and no doubt his editor told him to go in hard about Meghan and the new Netflix documentary. So, Clarkson did what Clarkson does and delivered on that brief. Spewing hatred for Meghan on a “cellular level” and trying to make us believe that he “dreams of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets…while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her”. If he really does replicate scenes from Game of Thrones starring Meghan in his dreams, then I think Freud probably would have said there are some underlying unconscious impulses there that Clarkson’s trying to deny.


I, however, just say that Clarkson is an old has been trying to cling on to his fat pay check by whatever means necessary. On this occasion, it’s by taking down a woman half his age, who has done nothing but stand up for herself and her family against the racist British monarchy and media. God forbid that a woman actually say enough is enough and be honest about the treatment she’s received. If she does then, according to Clarkson, she’s fair game. You could practically hear him rubbing his hands together with glee with pounds signs in his eyes as he wrote that article. Pathetic.


With the recent television campaigns against violence against women and girls, one could have been forgiven for thinking that our society is moving in the right direction. Then along comes Clarkson…


And heaven help a man who stands by his wife. Funnily enough, in the article Harry is painted as a “puppet” who is” controlled” by the evil American vixen who came to England to bag a Prince and tear down the Royal family from the inside. If he could get that turned into a film, he might just win an Oscar for that screenplay.


Ironically, the only puppet here is Clarkson and he belongs to Rupert Murdoch because it’s his pockets that Clarkson’s really lining. Clarkson crossed a line with this article and it should never have been published. The Sun newspaper should be taken out of circulation and Clarkson should stripped of his paid media jobs. Free speech or not, abusing women online for just living their lives is wrong and our society needs to hold people accountable for their actions and show them that there are consequences.


In the words on Anne Robinson; Clarkson. Goodbye.