Annabelle WOghiren


Annabelle Woghiren is an equality, anti-racism and social justice educator and creator. She advocates, educates and informs on a plethora of subjects relating to inequality, intersectionality, diversity and inclusion. She began educating on TikTok as a healing process after the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and a personal way to turn her unique lived experience into a powerful tool for education. Through bringing authentic and powerful education and awareness to the forefront. she has created a safe space for everyone to learn within. Currently, she has built a community of over 175,000 people on social media, receiving over 4.1 million likes and is currently growing and expanding her impact.

Off Platform, she has consulted, advised and spearheaded diversity, equity and inclusion within multi-national businesses, public institutions and social enterprises. Using her unique lived experience, academic knowledge and technical expertise, Annabelle cultivates meaningful change and influence within important organisations and communities globally. Her work includes diversity and inclusion consulting, facilitating anti-racism workshops and training, keynot speeches, public speaking and more more. Her latest engagement includes work with HSBC, The Home Office, Black Cultural Achives, Institue of Student Employers, Leicester University, Rolls Royce and TikTok UK. Her desire to engage and passion to educate places herself in a unique position to educate both the future change-makers of the world and the current change-makers of the world.

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