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Mim Shaikh

Mim Shaikh is an experienced broadcaster, actor, poet and writer. Mim established his career working for the BBC and has been involved in a number of well known projects, with the most notable being his honest and thought provoking documentary; Finding Dad. Airing on BBC One and BBC Three, Finding Dad showcased Mim’s relatability and vulnerability and was an opportunity for him to speak on behalf of young men like him about what it is to grow up in London without a father.

Being of South Asian heritage and Muslim, Mim is passionate about a whole range of social, economical, and political issues that have affected him personally and the communities to which he belongs. Mim uses poetry as a way of channelling his thoughts and feelings and enjoys embodying different characters through his acting. Versatile and talented, Mim is adept at communicating with others in a way that they find engaging. Throughout his career he has used this skill to encourage and motivate young people from backgrounds similar to his to aspire to overcome their adversities in order to achieve the level of success he has managed to secure.

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